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Maharashtra’s Satbara Utara 7/12 extract and its importance in property transactions

Normally people are accustomed to the rules related to buying a flat or an apartment. However, what if you want to buy a plot in Maharashtra? In such cases, the ‘7/12’ or ‘Satbara Utara’ extract is a crucial document.


What is the 7/12 extract?

Each district in Maharashtra has a land register that contains the details of lands in that district. The 7/12 is an extract from such a register, which gives complete details of a particular plot. A 7/12 extract is issued by the revenue department, through the tahsildar and it consists of details such as ownership of the plot, occupancy, liabilities on the plot, survey number detail, date of ownership, etc. The 7/12 extract shows the village form number. The number 7 represents Form VII that contains details of the owners and their rights, while 12 represents Form XII that contains details of the agricultural features of the land.

Form VII has details such as the rights record, occupants’ details, ownership details, tenant information, revenue obligation of the holders and other details related to the land. Form XII contains details related to crops, its type and area covered by the crops.

The 7/12 extract is not a conclusive document to prove the ownership, but it is only a record to ascertain revenue liability. The title of the property cannot be transferred, on the basis of a 7/12 extract.

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Importance of the 7/12 document

A 7/12 extract reveals the history of ownership of the land and therefore, it is handy while checking for past disputes on the land and to find out the legal orders that may impact the land. As it also contains the usage records of the land, a 7/12 extract can help in establishing, whether the land was used for agricultural purpose and what type of crops were grown.


How to obtain the 7/12 extract

You can get the 7/12 extract by applying to the local tahsildar, mentioning the available description of the land and the purpose of seeking the extract. You can also get the 7/12 details by applying through the government of Maharashtra’s website. You can get the extract document easily, if you can provide the correct requisite details. If you are unable to find the details online, then, you may have to opt for a physical mode of application.

If you are looking to buy a plot, then, the 7/12 extract is one of the most important documents that can clear all your doubts, about the history of the land and whether you should take the next step to finalise the deal. However, prospective buyers should remember that the 7/12 cannot be used as a document to transfer the ownership/title of the land to someone else, as it is can only be used as record document containing tax and possession information.


Five uses of the 7/12 (Satbara Utara) extract

  • It contains details that can reveal whether the plot you want to purchase, has an access road for regular usage.
  • It works as a legal document. Therefore, if you have bought a land, then, the records are transferred in your name and this is reflected in the 7/12 extract.
  • It is one of the important documents that banks ask for, if you plan to raise a loan against such property.
  • It can be used in civil legal disputes.
  • It contains information related to partitioning of land, legal disputes, loan details on such land, etc.


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