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So you’ve had an open house or a showing. Odds are those buyers have looked at other homes besides yours today or within the last few days. So, how do you make yours the one they remember?

  • Have prospective buyers sign a guest book before they walk through your Open House….Do not say “you must sign this or you cannot walk through”. But, if as soon as they arrive you greet them with a friendly hello and a smile while immediately asking them to sign in most likely they will. Prepare the book with a column for Name, Phone Number, Email Address. They might not give you all of it but the purpose is to hopefully have an opportunity to follow up with them after the event or showing.
  • If a realtor brings their prospective buyer through ask them to please leave a card. They should give it to you on their own, but if they don’t, don’t hesitate to ask for it.
  • Have a prepared “give away” sheet to give them when they arrive, not when they are leaving.  Detail it room by room noting any recent update, upgrades, etc. Include a photo file if possible (easily created on your seller’s dashboard!). This allows them to see all your home is offering them plus once they’ve left and are reviewing the homes they’ve seen, something you’ve noted on your sheet may be the very item that stands out to them as a deal maker!
  • Have small chilled water bottles for them to grab and enjoy as they walk through your home.  Even better, create labels on your printer with a photo of your home, your address and your contact info and tape it to the bottles. Remember, you’re trying to stand out above the crowd!
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up with anyone (buyer or realtor) who have walked through your home and ask for their feedback. Even if they are not interested, their input might prove valuable for your next showing.
  • Be friendly….smile… no fear….don’t over talk….let them know you’re happy to answer any of their questions.  First impressions of you can be as valuable as a first impression of your home.

The best way to become memorable to prospective buyers is to think like one of them and not as a seller…..what can you do that would cause you to positively remember a walk through of your home? Then add that to the list above. Now go sell your home!!

Source: BuyOwner

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