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10 reasons why a villa beats a hotel

5 Bedroom Villa Santa Magdalena Mallorca The Balearics

Planning a holiday is an exciting time for anyone, but choosing the right accommodation is crucial. Instead of checking into a hotel on your holiday this year, why not try out a private villa rental? Here are ten reasons to give it a go.

More space

One important consideration is that villas offer more space than hotels. Many holiday rentals offer huge amounts of living space, where you and your guests can relax.

Private facilities

Another point is that luxury villas often offer the same, if not more, amenities as hotels. The difference is that in a villa you don’t have to share the pool, sauna or gym with anyone but your group.

Peace and quiet

This feeds into another advantage for villas, namely peace and quiet. With no other guests around, you are free to enjoy your holiday in the way that you see fit.


Privacy is also a priority for many people. Staying in a villa means that no one will be snooping around, and you will be kept safe and secure.

Better for groups

Of course, you can invite whoever you like to your holiday villa. In fact, villas are better for entertaining than hotels, and they are increasingly popular for groups celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.

More control

Hosting an event at your holiday villa means that you will have more control over your environment, from the choice of music to the food that is served. Hiring outside staff is easy, and allows you the freedom to make your holiday a truly personalized experience.

Imprint your personality

While personalization is important for events, it is also a consideration for any kind of holiday. Hotels can be bland and uninspiring places to stay, but with villas you can choose the one that best matches your requirements and your personality.


For those with young families, these requirements might mean child-friendly accommodation. Another plus point for villas is that there is no need to worry about mess or noise, your children are free to explore the property without inconveniencing other people and you’ll be more relaxed.


Pet owners can also benefit from booking a holiday villa. Pet-friendly hotels are still quite rare in many destinations, but villas tend to be more relaxed when it comes to animals. Instead of leaving Fido at home, you can keep the family together and take him away with you.


The final point is that villas lend themselves to a more relaxed holiday experience. With no restrictions on what you can do at what time, you can enjoy the break on your own terms. Villas become a home from home in a way that hotels simply cannot do.

If you are planning a getaway this summer, take a look at the selection of luxury villas available. The advantages over staying in a hotel are significant for many different groups, from birthday parties to family breaks.

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