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This week: Apps for landlords, lagging London and the mortgage market

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The new year has got off to a positive start, with new technology on the way as well as some good news for some of the regions of the UK. Despite buy-to-let landlords arguably getting a raw deal from the government of late, there are still strong yields to be found in the right places, and some of the apps on offer can make the job even easier. Here’s a rundown of seven things you might have missed this week…

1. 11,000 UK homes empty for over 10 years, but it’s a third less than in 2010

Councils have brought 23,000 empty homes back into use over the past five years, although more than 11,000 have now been unoccupied for over a decade.

empty homes

2. Landlords should try these apps to help them do business

The rise of proptech has brought a new wave of apps helping landlords do anything from find tenants to manage properties and make calculations. Here are a few that could come in handy…


3. London exodus sees young professionals flocking to the north

Workers are moving away from the capital to places like Manchester and Birmingham, and many major businesses are following suit.


4. Are we about to see an online mortgage revolution?

Finding and applying for a mortgage has always been a fairly long-winded and often tedious process, but it seems the mortgage industry is finally catching up with the digital revolution.


5. Revealed: The UK’s top performing cities – and the biggest improvers

Considering factors such as jobs, health, income, skills and housing, the rankings for the performance of the UK’s largest cities have been revealed.


6. Buy-to-let yields remain strong – if you know where to look

For landlords and investors, a property’s potential return on investment is key to making the right purchase choice, so finding the best location to invest your money is vital.


7. Beat the boom: why Preston could be the next investment hotspot

With millions of pounds being ploughed into the city centre, Preston is seeing a snowball effect as more investors are spotting opportunities in the city.


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