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Service launched to help independent agents move into new housebuilding sector


Land & New Homes Network has just launched a new outsourced service to open up opportunities in the land and new homes sector for independent estate agents across selected areas.

Network’s founder, Kevin Ellis has set up this service which will explore local land opportunities, suitable for acquisition to create new homes.

Kevin Ellis, Founder of Land and New Homes Network said:On so many occasions, we have heard agents up and down the country realising that there was a thriving land and new homes market out there, but they just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it.”

Mr Ellis said: Now we will be offering estate agents the possibility to become part of the expanding house building market driven by the Government’s annual housing target of 300,000 and a nationwide demand for more new homes.  Increasingly, construction companies are under pressure competing to find suitable land development opportunities across the country.”

Independent agencies will gain a competitive edge

The work will come under the agency’s own branding allowing them to maintain their own high standards whilst continuing to nurture their core business and providing them with a stake in the game giving them a competitive edge.

Kevin Ellis said: “When they’re able to give land and new homes the full attention it demands, they can step into the driving seat of what will effectively be a fully-formed new department.

We appreciate how time consuming it is to track all the local planning sites and keeping tabs on whether they’re built and sold, under construction, on the market, or consented and not built.

However, the rewards are there as securing a site is just half the story; when your agency markets and sells a new development, it generates valuable long-term returns and when a development project is secured it can transform and agency’s fortunes and future.”

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