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Semi-detacheds overtake terraces in popularity for first time in 2018

Semi detached house

The Land Registry in England and Wales has released its latest figures recorded for August. The registry received a total of 99,750 applications to register properties compared with 95,721 in July and 85,493 in June of this year.

In the latest batch of registrations for August, semi-detached homes beat terraced properties as the most popular for the first time this year with 26,430 registrations against 26,426 terraced homes. The number of registrations for semi-detached houses has increased steadily since June when the figure recorded was 22,251 and rose to 24,964 in July.

Semi-detached houses overtook terraced homes as the most popular with 26,430 registrations compared to 26,426 terraced properties, up from 24,964 and 25,554 respectively in July and 22,251 and 23,243 in June.

£11.45m property is UK’s most expensive in August

In August 23,132 detached homes were registered, again showing an increase of 1,565 from July and up around 4,500 from June. The month’s most expensive residential sale was in London, where a detached property sold for £11.45m in Camden. At the other end of the country in Shildon, County Durham, the cheapest sale recorded in August was a terraced house selling at just £21,000.

Freehold transactions during August amounted to 76,239 and 11,504 were new build homes, which was a 60 per cent increase on the previous August’s figures and 2 per cent up for registrations overall.

The volume of actual sales in August was 28,423, a figure that reflects the time difference between the 99,765 properties submitted for registration in total in the same month. Residential sales of £1 million properties or in excess of reached 557. Over 50% of these high value sales happened in Greater London, four in Greater Manchester and six in the West Midlands.

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