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Millennials had the fastest closing times on home loans this March

As the spring homebuying season got in progress in March, the time it took Millennials to close home loan purchases for new homes diminished to its quickest time yet, at 39 days, down from 41 days the earlier month, as indicated by the most recent Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker™.

The normal age of the Millennial homebuyer likewise somewhat expanded year-over-year as per Millennial Tracker information. The normal age of the Millennial homebuyer in March 2018 was 30.1, a slight bounce from March 2017’s normal age of 29.5. In March 2018, Millennial men were recorded as the primary borrower with 63 percent of closed loans, while women represented 32 percent, and five percent were unspecified. Married Millennials represented 52 percent of every home loans closed while 47 percent were for single Millennials.

Digital mortgage solutions has helped Millennials find better home loan experience that is quick and taking part in ways that their folks couldn’t envision when they were purchasing their first home.


Conventional, FHA and VA purchase loans saw critical boosts in March, as Millennials kept on exploiting different loan alternatives to purchase a home. Conventional purchase loans closed by Millennial borrowers was up at 85% in March from 80% the month earlier. While the share of FHA purchase loans rose by two percentage points to 96 percent month-over-month, VA home loans saw the most critical increment in March at 79 percent, up from 66 percent in February.

Extra key discoveries from the March 2018 Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker include:

  • The normal FICO score for Millennial borrowers tumbled to 721 in March, down from 724 in February. The normal FICO score for female borrowers in March was 722. It was 723 for male borrowers.
  • The normal loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for Millennial borrowers in March was 87, relatively higher than the average for borrowers of any age. Average Millennial borrower debt-to-income (DTI) ratio was 25/38, while the average for borrowers overall came in at 26/39.
  • The best markets by level of Millennial loans closed included Dyersburg, Tenn. (73 percent), Binghamton, N.Y. (70 percent), Fairmont, W.Va. (68 percent) and Mount Sterling, Ky. (63 percent).

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