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Find out the top 10 things that today’s homebuyers really want….

There’s a perfect property out there for everyone – whether you’re an investor or an owner-occupier – and property portal Zoopla has narrowed down the 10 most looked-for requirements.

Those hunting for a property to buy online will often spend hours trawling the likes of Zoopla and Rightmove looking for something that ticks all the boxes. While there will be major differences in preference depending where in the country the search is taking place – for example, “sea views” in Cornwall or “good transport” in Manchester – Zoopla has come up with a list of the top 10 keyword searches across the country.

1. “Detached”

This was the most searched-for word on Zoopla as homebuyers are looking for the ultimate dream pad with space to grow. While in a city centre this would be unlikely to turn out a huge number of results, those living out of town will have more luck with finding a detached property.

2. “Garage”

Data released last year by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed a slowdown in the number of cars being bought by Brits, but it’s still a hugely important factor for many househunters. Perhaps it’s the extra storage space that will come in most handy for those with a garage.

3. “Bungalow”

As people head towards retirement, many will be looking to release some cash from their long-term property and downsize, which probably explains why “bungalow” is the third most popular search term in the list.

4. “Parking”

Having a garage attached to a property is a definite luxury, but just being able to park your car securely in either a car park or a designated parking space is handy for both village and city dwellers. However, if the property has great access to public transport, maybe this one is an added bonus rather than a must-have.

5. “Annex”

Co-living and multigenerational living are growing in popularity as people look to make savings on property ownership, and many are searching for an annex to either house an ageing relative or a young adult who wants a bit of independence before getting onto the property ladder themselves. Others might be looking for an annex to let out and make a bit of extra money.

6. “Garden”

Having green space that’s all yours is something many homeowners might take for granted, but in cities like London, it’s a definite added bonus and often a rarity. Renting tenants will happily pay more for the luxury of a garden, and many homebuyers would probably do the same.

7. “Freehold”

Owning the land your property sits on is a draw for many, particularly as the ground rent scandal rages on. While many flats will be on a leasehold only basis, some would still rather only consider a freehold property.

8. “Cottage”

The majority of Brits still want their home to have character, a recent study has shown, which probably explains why the word “cottage” made it into the top 10 search terms.

9. “Acres”

Many people dream of being landowners for a variety of reasons – from having lots of space and freedom surrounding your property, to those looking at profits that can be made from gaining planning permission and even developing an additional property on your land.

10. “Rural”

According to the results, a huge number of the country’s househunters have dreams of escaping to the country, with “rural” rounding off the list.

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