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Experts say buyers want slick design but less technology in 2019

sleek modern apartment

Property experts are predicting that technology will be a key trend in 2019.

But the shared view is that buyers will want less complicated home technology in favour of a slick simplified version, that reflects a slick design to suit their lifestyle.

Over-complicated technology on way out

Estate agent Arlington Residential’s director Marc Schneiderman senses that among more mature buyers downsizing, the trend of computerised, zoned, mood lighting seems to have fallen out of favour.

Simple to use home technology appeals to mature downsizer

“Mature buyers making the move from a large family house to a smaller apartment do not want complicated colour changing lighting systems, just simple dimmable on/off lighting,” says Mr Schneiderman.

“I went to a house last week where the wall switches were so complicated that a year after moving in the owner still keeps opening and closing the drawing room blinds instead of turning the lights on and off.”

Shift in ‘tech’ focus from developers and landlords

Throughout 2018, the luxury lettings sector has been competitive and strong with landlords and developers responding to trends and prospective tenants’ preferences by introducing increasingly hi-tec systems into their rental properties.

modern apartment

In 2019, by contrast, and according to letting agent Draker, the trend will shift towards simple but perfect design. Tim Hassell, managing director at Draker Lettings, reflects: “Most landlords and developers at the higher end now seem to be minimising the use of new tech to smaller, easily replaceable features such as kitchen and entertainment items.

“It is still considered by many to be much more stylish to use a simple good quality light switch made out of a beautiful material, rather than a phone app that turns your lightbulbs pink!”

LED lighting up in 2019

One point to note is the massive increase in the quality and consequently usage of LED bulbs.  A year or so ago, if you fitted a property with LED bulbs you would end up with something akin to the landing strip at Heathrow.  Now the variety of temperature (warm golden light through to white clinical light) can all be produced with LED bulbs.  They use a fraction of the amount of electricity, stay cool to the touch and last much longer before needing replacement.”

As this relatively new sector of tech develops, more leading developers, designers and brands are likely to begin to combine the tech with some stunning materials and design.  2019 could be a year marked by innovative and beautiful British design.

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