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Upcoming Events; Disaster Updates; Yield Curve Flattening

Posted To: Pipeline Press

In a broad generalization, when people have money to invest they usually think about stocks, bonds, or real estate. (Yes, I know there are other assets, like precious metals, restaurants, your sister-in-law’s nail salon…) Looking at real estate, if a home builder is going to spend large sums on land, labor, and permits, they want to be able to charge a lot. Sure enough, even though there’s been a slight push back to entry level, builders are still focusing on higher priced homes . “In 2009, 19 companies of the 200 companies on the BUILDER 100 reported that 50% or more of their closings came in the affordable sector. By last year, that number had fallen to just two.” Lenders Reacting to Disasters On 7/14/2017, FEMA announced NR-51 , amending DR-4317 and providing individual assistance…(read more)

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Source: MortgageNewsDaily

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