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State-Level Changes Across the Board; Housing and Rates

Posted By: Rob Chrisman

Under the heading, “What’ll they think of next?”, especially for aging Boomers, comes stairs that store energy and help the next person walk up them! State-Level Changes When lenders complain about federal regulation and oversight, at least, in theory, it originally came from one source and is uniform across the 50 states. But when a multi-state lender must contend with all 50 states doing different things, things become complicated, and expensive, in a hurry. Michigan has amended Act 79 of 1915, concerning the required statement of marital status in written instruments conveying or mortgaging real estate, effective immediately . The Act as amended requires that all written instruments conveying or mortgaging real estate, or any interest in real estate, executed and offered…(read more)

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Source: MortgageNewsDaily

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