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Lender Fee and Pricing Changes; CFPB Suit Dismissed, HMDA webinar

Posted To: Rob Chrisman

What should lenders and loan officers be concerned about? What’s threatening their livelihood, besides all cash buyers, venture capital firms buying houses for rentals, and Baby Boomers staying put with their 3.5% 30-year mortgages? How about Lenders bid on borrower’s deals. Or how about ResMac’s home loan automation tool, labeled a “do it yourself” mortgage? “Eliminating the commissioned sales process and passing that savings on to the consumer, allows us to offer rates and programs well below industry averages…” Fee and Pricing Changes Pacific Union’s SRP Schedules will be updated on Monday, July 24th. Effective immediately, Mortgage Works AMC will be adding an additional $100 onto the base appraisal fees for properties located in the following…(read more)

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Source: MortgageNewsDaily

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