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House Scouting 101: Top Reasons Why Condo Living is Perfect for Newlyweds!


“Most people see condo living as somewhere between owning your own home and renting an apartment, but it is more like owning your own home. There is a responsibility that each homeowner has, whether they accept it or not…” -Jean Craig

One of the most exciting things you are about to experience in life after tying the knot is finding an appropriate place to live and raise a family together. In a sense, right after marriage, this is the next and most significant milestones in life. Before finalizing any real estate sale, it might be wise to consider living in a condo. In today’s progressive and modern times, there are certainly perks to living within proximity of the city. Apart from convenience and ease of access to entertainment hubs and offices, there are many reasons why living in a condo such as Arbor Lanes, and the like will be both ideal and beneficial to newlyweds. Here are some of them:

1.) Residing in a condo is cost efficient

Without any doubt, investing in a condominium is more financially sound than buying out a two-bedroom house. You might think of a practical route by renting it out instead of buying the house, but if your incurring a monthly rental that is about the same as your monthly mortgage in a condo unit, buying out the condo would make more sense. After all, why rent when you can own?

2.) Living in a condo requires low maintenance

Unlike living in a house, your condo unit would require little to no maintenance depending on how often you are home and how often you get your surroundings dirty. Apart from regular sprucing up, you would need to do; there is absolutely nothing else that is required of you. There are maintenance personnel who will tend to the condo’s gardens, repaint the fences, treat the pool, etc. Lastly, a small space with minimal furniture does not require a lot of cleaning and maintenance.

3.) Condo living affords you more bonding time

Seeing as most condos are located within proximity of entertainment hubs, business districts, and major offices, it would not take you too long to get home and spend more quality time with your spouse. The ease of access and convenience of getting around makes living in condos a prime choice for housing alone. Apart from the accessibility to establishments and main roads, most condos would offer their tenants an unlimited use of their amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, lush gardens, playgrounds and the like. With a community like this, you and your spouse need not go far just to spend some quality time together.

4.) Living in a condo is safer

One of the many non-negotiable characteristics a potential home should have is safety and security. When you are safe in your own homes, you are afforded a peace of mind, and you can relax every night without worrying someone would break in and steal your belongings. Condominiums have 24/7 security stationed everywhere—from their gates to the common areas to make sure that each and every one of their tenants is safe. You no longer need to invest in exorbitantly priced surveillance cameras and the like as the condo has you covered.

5.) It is easy to forge friendships with your neighbor

One of the greatest things you can look forward to in your married life is building friendships together and having a set of common friends as a wedded couple. Living in a condominium makes this easier as your condo community will likely be filled with other young newlywed couples just like you. Creating connections and forming friendships will not only be easy, but it would also be natural. You will never know, but the tenant living next to you might just be your friend for life.
While scouring the market for a place to live, make a pit stop at some of the condominium properties and take a gander at their amenities.

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