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How Self-Driving Cars Will Change Greenwich?

Greenwich Sentinel

My weekly column in the Greenwich Sentinel this week was a little different. I took a look at what Greenwich might look like when self-driving cars are common in Greenwich. Will garages disappear?

Next week I’ll have the market report for April real estate sales in Greenwich. It looks like it is going to be another interesting month. My listing at 2 Bote Court listed at $1,449,000 got 4 calls on Friday and Saturday as the $1 – 1.5 million price range continues to be hot. (If you’d like to see it, the tenants will be out on Tuesday and it will be ready to show on Thursday after the Realtors open house. It’s just been painted white and looks very cool.)

Self-driving cars will change life in Greenwich as much or more than the change from horse drawn carriages to cars did.  In the next couple of years true self-driving cars will arrive in Greenwich and we are likely to be a leader in this new technology.

I say we are likely to be a leader in self-driving cars, because of a conversation I had with David Peabody of Peabody’s Automobiles before he died in 2015. David’s family’s business on Church Street has been around since Model-T’s were new. He used to man the pump there in front of Peabody’s Automobiles and was a very interesting fellow to talk to. He would tell stories about how Greenwich residents were pioneers in buying and driving some of the first cars.

Just as then, you can expect Greenwich residents to be the early adopters of many of these high-tech, and at least initially, high-cost cars. The Tesla’s we see so much of in Greenwich have a lot of the capabilities needed for full autonomous driving.

So, what changes will self-driving cars bring to Greenwich? More …

Source: GreenwichSentinel

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