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7 PRO Secrets for YOUR Next DIY Home Interior Paint Project! – Part 3 of 3

Use these simple painting tips and tricks from the PROS to make YOUR next “do it yourself” paint project faster and less messy – and ensure a fresh, modern look for your home. Today, discover 7 professional painter’s secrets that will make your friends think that YOU actually hired a PRO instead of doing it yourself!

#1 – Soak Brushes in Fabric Softener to Keep Brushes Soft

  • Rinse the brushes thoroughly with warm water only – NO SOAP!
  • Mix half a cup of fabric softener with a gallon of warm water and swish the brushes in the mixture for about 10 seconds. Lay them flat or hang them on a peg for overnight storage.

#2 – Use Plastic Wrap to Prevent Mishaps

  • When painting around a large item you want to keep paint-free, like a toilet or pedestal sink, surround it with plastic wrap to keep drips from destroying the finish.
  • For an extra tight wrap, choose a wrap with an adhesive packing – most hardware stores will carry special painter’s plastic wrap. Once you’ve finished the job, simply unwrap for a paint-free finish.

#3 – Use Vanilla and Lemon Extracts to Reduce Paint Odor

  • Although there are vanilla-scented products on the market specifically designed to use with paint, you can get the same effect with what’s in your kitchen!
  • For darker paints, add a couple drops of vanilla extract (artificial is fine) per gallon to reduce the strong odor and keep your room smelling sweet for weeks to come. For lighter colored paints, use lemon extract as you don’t want the tint of vanilla to ruin the color of your paint.

#4 – Re-purpose Old T-Shirts as Rags to Reduce Waste

  • Painting’s a messy job BUT using roll after roll of paper towels is neither efficient nor environmentally-friendly.
  • Why not use something you can find stuffed at the back of your drawer or closet, like an old T-shirt?

#5 – Keep Q-Tips Handy for Mistakes

  • Oh no! A drop of Sunset Yellow just splashed on your white window frame. You’ve only got a few minutes to clean up the mess before your mistake is sealed for eternity … That’s where Q-tips come in handy. Just stash some in your pocket for these types of emergencies.
  • Here’s another use for that pile of cotton swabs tucked in your jeans pocket: Use them to touch up imperfections on newly-painted walls without dirtying an entire paintbrush.

#6 – Use Petroleum Jelly on Small Spots You Don’t Want Painted

  • A little dab of Vaseline can go a long way toward keeping your paint job clean.
  • Using those handy Q-tip’s, dab a little bit on the bits and pieces you don’t want painted, like screws or hinges.

#7 – Use a Hair Dryer on Painter’s Tape for Easy Removal

  • Painter’s tape is supposed to make your paint job easier and stress-free … BUT when strips of perfect paint peel off along with the adhesive, you might feel like you wasted your effort.
  • To easily remove stubborn painter’s tape, use the LOW setting on a hair dryer and hold it about 3 inches from the wall. This will help soften the adhesive and ensure an even line, making removal a stress-free affair – and ensuring you keep that dreamy, crisp paint line!

We hope you found this 3-part series to be helpful, informative and interesting … Watch for our next blog on June 15th.

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Until then… it’s all about YOU!

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