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What We’re Reading: July 10-14

Affordable housing, heat, technology, property management, engineering, and architecture.

New tech campus plans include housing, of which 15 percent will be affordable housing.

This new geothermal system from Google’s Alphabet is a bargain compared to conventional systems.

Check out how interactive technology is changing traditional spaces.

Do you know what a spirit level is? Did you know the iPhone has one, among other features?

Alex Gilbert 2010

Alex Gilbert/flickr/2010

We hope all employers would react this way to using a sick day for one’s mental health.

Want to ease communications between landlords and tenants? There’s an app for that.

Summer is in full swing, which means water fights! Just don’t bring a water cannon to a water pistol fight…

Repurposing prisons as office spaces? Yeah, that sounds about right.

We would happily live in any one of these beautifully designed homes.


Source: Infoservices

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