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What We’re Reading: June 19-23

Architecture, psychology, amusements, affordable housing, design, high price listings, mindfulness, and use.

We know there are a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright junkies out there, so this list of roadtrip-able FLW houses is for you!

Wait, FLW didn’t have an architecture degree? Neither did these famous architects!

Is it really a surprise that dynamic descriptions make things more appealing to people?

This might be worth dealing with the crowd that will inevitably be drawn to it.

Tiny homes could be a solution to homelessness and poverty with this program in DetroitSusanne Nilsson 2014 Susanne Nilsson/flickr/2014

Leave it to Amsterdam to come up with a beautiful design to mitigate aircraft noise.

Who knew a bowl from Ikea could be so menacing?

These 10 cities are emerging markets for million dollar listings.

These transit-oriented development shoeboxes erm apartments,  aren’t exactly cheap, either!

How can mindfulness help you be more productive?

The effect of use on objects has a strange beauty.

Source: infoservices

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