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Why Not Celebrate in Your Condo

Celebrating special events do have an exceptional place in Filipino hearts – birthdays, graduations, monthsaries, anniversaries, Christening, and almost anything one could think that is worth partying. At some point, you might think or feel that residing in a condo in Manila will give you a hard time throwing a party. Hindered by the thoughts of your unit might be too small as furniture have already occupied your room, you feel discouraged to host celebrations. But come to think of it, there are a lot of things you can do in your space. 

If your friend, colleague or relative is asking where should you hold a specific celebration, why not volunteer your place and use some of the tips below about holding a party in your condo unit.

After considering different factors such as your attendees, location and availability, and the nature of the celebration if it’s okay to hold it in a condo unit like yours, time to think of innovative ways on hosting a party.

1. Clean, declutter and think of ways on how to make your space bigger.

Having a spacious venue can be a two-edged sword, so you need to be careful. If your place is too small considering the number of decors, food, and other things you are going to put, plus the people coming, you need to think of ways on how to make your place feel and look roomy. On the other hand, having a spacious venue is not also good if there are only a few people coming and materials used and seen, furniture included. Analyze your unit particularly its shape. And don’t forget to clean and declutter! This is not just because you are hosting a party, but you’d see that this will do you good for a long run. 

2. Identify the open and restricted areas.

Of course dear, you still need a little bit of privacy even if you are welcoming people into your home. You need to pinpoint which rooms and areas can be accessed, and which are prohibited. Besides, would you allow them to see your used underwear and dirty clothes?

3. Ask for permission from your management if needed.

Security is a major thing for condominiums and its admin. So if necessary, tell your admin or management ahead of time that you will be celebrating something special in your unit and a few people will be coming. This is crucial especially if you and your attendees are going to use the condo’s amenities and facilities (e.g. swimming pool, gym, play area). Secure permits in advance, if there’s any, and inform your attendees if they need to bring anything like IDs for identity verification.

4. Decorate beautifully AND wisely.

You don’t need to buy every little thing you need to put in your room for decorations since some of your furniture may already do the magic. Recycling materials and doing your decors are also as good as buying new things. Consider inviting close friends to help you with this task so you can bond earlier than your party.

5. Good food, great music, and lovely people.

Having the following is the most important of them all. Your party won’t be complete with delicious food, cook it or buy it – either of the two is excellent, music to set the mood, and of course your participants. You can also think of some games to kill boredom and to entertain the people present. It can be card games (hello, UNO cards), board games, or the usual Filipino party games such as bring me, paper dance and stop dance.

Source: 63RealEstate

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