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Why is Indianapolis such a Great City to Invest in?

It’s no secret that Indianapolis, Indiana is a growing city with many great things occurring and the stats to prove it.  I learned about Indy while living in Austin years ago when I was priced out of buying investment properties there.   My dream of financial independence through real estate investing is what led me to Indy.   I decided to continue growing my real estate portfolio by purchasing investment properties  in the up and coming city of Indianapolis.   I had such great luck and saw promising returns that I ended up moving here to help build my mini real estate empire.


I haven’t even been living here for a whole year yet and I already know it was one of the best decisions my wife and I could have made.     The cost of living here is much better compared to where we came from in Austin and we have already purchased 3 more rental properties in the short time we have been here.    We now have 6 houses in Indy including our primary house and my monthly cash flow is now in the $3k+ range soon to be in the $4k range.  Below I will tell you why Indianapolis is such a great city to invest in real estate.

Why is indy a great place to invest in real estate-

The cultural trail running from Fletcher Place to Downtown.

What is All the Hype about in Indy?

Indy has had a steadily increasing population and economy for years now and it does not look like this trend will stop anytime soon.  I have been compiling all these stats and recent articles that will give you a better understanding of what is going on here.  These are all recent stats/articles from 2017.


Economy/Job Related





  • I am a huge sports fan and can not get over how many sports teams there are here.  For professional sports there is an NFL, NBA and WNBA teams.  For minor league sports we have hockey, baseball and soccer.  The soccer team has already made a bid to become a professional team on the MLS.  Hopefully they will be approved which will give us another professional sport.   And not to mention college sports.  Butler Basketball is right here in Indy and there are yearly NCAA tournaments held here.
  • Obviously I don’t even have to mention that this is the racing capital of the nation.  I have already been to the Indy500 and the Grand Prix and it was amazing!!  There are so many races and cool events held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


Downtown Growth


Real Estate/Living




So what does all this mean for you the investor?

Well quite simply said, you better start buying as much real estate as you can here while it’s still affordable.  It’s clear to me that all these changes and witnessing them as I live here now are all the same things I saw happen in Austin, TX.   I lived in Austin for 14 years before I moved to Indy.   Now I prefer not to compare Indy to Austin but what I can tell you is that what I saw happen in Austin all those years I lived there is exactly what I am seeing happening here in Indy today.   And for those of you do not know about what happened in Austin, lets just say that it is way over populated now and the real estate prices are absurd.   Not necessarily a bad thing, but imagine if you knew what was going to happen in Austin years ago.  You would probably be a stinkin’ millionaire by now.   😉

Is Indy the next Austin?   I don’t know for sure but if it’s going to be then I want to be on that train when it takes off.  As for me, I will continue to keep buying investment properties here in Indy while I still can.  At some point as the real estate prices get higher I will eventually stop purchasing because the numbers just wont make sense to me anymore.  But right now, they make perfect sense!

invest in real estate indianapolis

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