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What We’re Reading: June 26-30

Building materials, punctuation, architecture, technology, hiring, pollution, and Julia Child.

You might avoid polystyrene packaging, but it is proving to have benefits as a construction material.

Is the Oxford comma necessary? Only if you value clarity.

You’re probably familiar with the exteriors of these architectural landmarks, but have you seen the interiors?

We have a bit of an architectural easter egg right here in Chicago!

This new skyscraper is taking wellness design to a new level.

It’s been 50 years since this gamechanger arrived on the scene! William Grootonk 2007 William Grootonk/flickr/2007

How do you think virtual reality will impact real estate?

No need to yell, Alexa is learning a new skill!

Token ring or Tolkien ring? I mean, it seems like one ring to rule them all.

Speaking of literary inspiration for technology, check out this Wonka-esque contraption.

Is Instagram the new LinkedIn? What do you think?

China just broke ground on a forest city. Can it tackle air pollution?

We just found common ground with Julia Child!



Source: infoservices

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