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Maharashtra’s Satbara Utara 7/12 extract and its importance in property transactions

Normally people are accustomed to the rules related to buying a flat or an apartment. However, what if you want to buy a plot in Maharashtra? In such cases, the ‘7/12’ or ‘Satbara Utara’ extract is a crucial document.   What is the 7/12 ...

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A ‘Buyer’ in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

In today’s highly competitive seller’s market where there are more buyers than there are homes for them to buy, some sellers may feel like the ball is in their court. And they would be right when it comes to choosing which offer to accept, the cl...

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5 Best Markets for Buying Single Family Rental Homes

Buying single family homes for rental properties is an excellent way to generate income. Before you buy houses, finding the right market to either get started or branch into is important as not all rental markets are equal. Source: VerticalRent Blog ...

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835 W 6th St – Shoal Creek Walk – Downtown Austin Office Space 78703

The following post is copyrighted by Austin Tenant Advisors – . Shoal Creek Walk is a class A office building in downtown Austin located at 835 W 6th St. It sits close to the intersection of Lamar Blvd and 6th street next to Whole Foods. It was...

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6 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About Snapchat

Snapchat: it was an idea of a few college students that was just crazy enough to work, and now boasts more than 100 million daily users. The concept is simple: snap a photo or video using Snapchat’s app, then wait for your followers to see it. Afte...

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Renting out a spare bedroom can help millennials and benefit homeowners

Today’s housing market features a lot of demand with not enough supply. Millennials looking for housing options in popular metros have a hard time finding anything within budget and reason. One solution to this problem is what Trulia calls “boom-...

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9 Ways Home Flipping Shows Mislead Viewers

We all know the premise of home-flipping shows: An investor buys a veritable dump and then, with the help of a team of ready-and-willing contractors and landscapers, transforms it into the best-looking home on the block. Next, that intrepid buyer tur...

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Millennial Homebuyers Are Not Unicorns: Here’s Why

Millennial homebuyers are not as rare as the media would have you think. You, too, can break into home buying with the right preparation. Source: The Mortgage Reports...

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Queens investment sales slumped in the first half of 2017

Queens investment sales got off to a very sluggish start in 2017 due to factors ranging from 421a to interest rates to the Trump administration, according to a new report. During the first six months of 2017, the borough saw 262 transactions worth ap...

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Sustained lull in signed contracts means pullback in home sales

(REAL ESTATE NEWS) Existing home sales aren’t looking super hot this month, but it’s not the bad news that you’re thinking – let’s discuss! Source: The Real Daily....

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Electrician dies at 555 Tenth Ave.

UPDATED, Monday, July 24 at 4:13 p.m. An electrician was found dead inside the 52-story new development tower 555 Tenth Avenue on Sunday. Steve Simpson, 53, was pronounced dead at the scene when authorities found him around 7:15 a.m. wedged between...

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Property buyers pay extra for a room with a view

Buyers in the UK are happy to invest an additional 30% to secure a property with a nice view in a major town or city, adding about £78,400 to the price tag, a research as now revealed. Having the option to look upon some beautiful green space from y...

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Mortgage Rates Today, July 24, Plus Lock Recommendations

Mortgage rates today are driven by movements in financial markets worldwide. When the economy heats up, bond price drop, and rates increase. When the economy pulls back, interest rates tend to fall. Source: Mortgage Reports...

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Kellyanne Conway: Russia is ‘not a big story’

Kellyanne Conway, sparring with CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday, said the media is too focused on Russia. Source: money.cnn...

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UAE eases restrictions on Qatari media group

Read full story for latest details. Source:

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The week in real estate industry deals: July 17-21, 2017

While real estate agents chase leads and close deals on houses, there’s another level of deal-making that takes place within the real estate industry: mergers, acquisitions, integrations and partnerships. We’ll be recapping every weekR...

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How retailers use tech hacks to get you to spend more

(TECH NEWS) Tech hacks or Jedi mind tricks? How retailers are getting sneaky about collecting your data, and how you can prevent it. Source: The American Genius...

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10 Best Cities for Amusement Park Lovers to Visit

The summertime is a season for celebration; kids rejoice over breaks from school, the weather becomes warmer and the days grow longer. And what better way to spend a warm weekend than exploring a city or relaxing in a park? How about a combination of...

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4 Timeless Real Estate Investment Strategies

The Best Real Estate Investment Strategies Seasoned investing veterans will tell you that the US real estate market is still one of the best investment … The post 4 Timeless Real Estate Investment Strategies appeared first on Massachusetts Real...

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American Homes Park Boca Raton

There are a number of family fun parks in Palm Beach County. Some of the family-friendly activities are envisioned to get everyone active and moving, from the youngest to the oldest in the family.  Health and Wellness partners, along with Palm Beach...

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Chicago is one of the most undervalued housing markets

Many of America’s largest metros have reputations for heavy competition and steep prices, and Chicago is no exception. But according to a recent report by Fitch Ratings, the Windy City actually has one of the most undervalued housing markets in 20...

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Quick Move-In Homes in Cadence, Henderson

Designed around active lifestyles, this community is spread across 2,200 acres with 450 acres of open space featuring walking and bike trails and parks. This includes a 50-acre central park and a 100-acre sports park.  Cadence has the area’s only ...

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How to Go Paperless With Managing Your Rental Property

Proper bookkeeping is crucial to the success of any landlord. And, as portfolios begin to build, one tenant turns into ten, and the amount of documents you must keep on hand for not only your rental properties, but those occupying them, continues to ...

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The Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs

The Tenant Advisor and Knowledge Leader Named Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs For the second consecutive year I am pleased to announce that The Tenant Advisor was named a top commercial real estate blog by inMotion Real Estate Media in the category ...

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The Most Expensive ZIP Codes in Texas – Central Austin in the Lead with Downtown Rents Nearing $2.5K

Key takeaways: The #1 most expensive zip code in Texas is 78701 in trendy Downtown Austin with an average rent of $2,475 All 50 of the most expensive zip codes in Texas boast rents higher than the national average—currently at $1,316 according to Y...

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6 reasons Vietnam is set for a Chinese buyer boom

Chinese enquiries for Vietnam properties grew 442% y-o-y on between January and May 2017.1 We shed light on 6 factors fuelling Chinese investor interest in this rising Southeast Asian hotspot. #1 Vietnam’s Law on Residential Housing (LRH)...

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Building a Strong Client Relationship-Based Business

Relationships have formed the foundation for successful businesses for centuries, but how those relationships can benefit a business has evolved over time. Today, client relationships that result in referrals can fuel your growth and success both onl...

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German beach-front Holiday Homes

Germany’s stunning Baltic and North Sea coastlines present holidaymakers with endless miles of white sandy beaches, pine-shaded promenades and plenty of water sports activities like sailing, fishing and wind-surfing – not to mention award...

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Amazon and Real Estate

Amazon supposedly has their sights on real estate (via HousingWire). From a brand perspective, how far away is Amazon from being thought of as the “place to go to find a local contractor”? Really far. How far away are they from being thought of a...

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Commercial Properties For Sale in Las Vegas Henderson and Boulder City Nevada

Commercial Properties For Sale in Las Vegas Henderson and Boulder City Nevada Commercial Properties For Sale in Las Vegas Henderson and Boulder City Nevada 702-508-8262 Office Buildings – This category in...

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Updated: HGC Foreclosed Properties For Sale as of June 30, 2017

Here’s the most updated list of HGC foreclosed properties for sale posted on their website and is updated as of June 30,2017. Get more details and download the listing below. A total of 57 foreclosed properties from the Home Guarantee Corporation (...

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How To Nail Your Online Interview

It is safe to say that social media has become a part of our daily lives. We log and share nearly everything. We share pictures of that fun BBQ we had over the weekend and comment on posts that our (online) friends share with us. But how much could y...

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The Huge Risk Home Buyers Take When They Waive Inspections

If you’re buying a home in a competitive market and your offers keep getting beat out, you may be tempted to resort to desperate measures. In addition to offering more than the asking price or a quick closing, some buyers agree to waive inspect...

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One in Three Recent Homebuyers Made an Offer Sight-Unseen—Up from Nearly One in Five a Year Ago

In May 2017, Redfin commissioned a survey of 3,350 U.S. residents in 11 metropolitan areas who in the past year bought or sold a home, attempted to do so or plan to do so soon. The purpose of the survey was to better understand the perspectives and e...

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5 Most Common Things Found During a Home Inspection

Thinking about skipping the home inspection before you buy your first house? You might miss out on discovering these problems. Source: Mortgages...

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Avignon Festival

Avignon Festival 6th July to the 26th July One of summer’s highlights for me, when living in the South of France, was the Avignon Festival which is a precursor to the Edinburgh Festival. It takes place from 6th July to the 26th July with the courty...

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Buying Art Like a Grownup (for Investment or Inspiration)

Bare, white walls are usually the reality when you first move into a new home. But if you want to show off your personality, there’s no better way to do it than with original art. A one-of-a-kind piece transforms a space, makes you feel more at...

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Perfectly Secluded…With Access to Everything!

Have you always had a pull to live in a smaller city but were concerned about the noise, the crowds & especially where to park? We’ve had many clients who want to be able to access the city in minutes but who also aren’t ready to move...

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Memorial Day Respects to all in 2017 from Jennifer Mackay and the Panama City Realty Group

On this day, we celebrate our freedom by remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United Stats of Americas armed forces The opportunity to get together with family and friends is borne on the back of those brave heroes w...

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You’ve heard it over and over again….curb appeal is critical when selling your home. First impressions are important but what if you can’t afford to landscape or paint your home? Are your selling hopes diminished? Not if you take advantage of t...

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Cardinal Grove Single Family Home in Woodbridge For Sale- $575,000

         OPEN HOUSE, May 27, Saturday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM               3376 Soaring Circle, Woodbridge, VA. 22193                                   Get Directions Click Here Description Photos Maps & Local Scho...

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Don’t Waste Your Money … Pick the RIGHT Paint Finish … the 1st TIME! Part 2 of 3

Welcome Back!! Today we’ll explore HOW different paint finishes can “make or break” your next DIY paint project. Not only is color important when you start your next project, but deciding on which paint finish is equally as important … Keep i...

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Agents & Brokers Highly Benefit from Point2 Homes Record Breaking Traffic Growth

Point2 Homes, one of the biggest real estate platforms in Canada, just got bigger, reporting a record-breaking 4 million visits in March. That’s a 25% increase year-over-year. Other areas covered by Point2 Homes – US and International markets –...

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The Real Estate Professional Tax Loophole

The Real Estate Professional status is a designation given by the IRS based on the number of hours that you work in real estate activities versus other activities. It doesn’t mean that you have to become a real estate sales agent or broker.  You d...

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Deal Book 44-46 Purves Street

In 2012 during my time in Grad School, the university let me play Real Estate Developer for the first time and sent me off in the world to try and make a deal. This is the first time I sought out my own development site, researched zoning, determi...

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Landlord Advice: How to Easily Rent Out an Apartment without Getting troubled?

When it comes to rent out an apartment, it’s either super convenient or super superbly-cumbersome, and both these consequences depend on whether you have a good landlord or a snobby one. So here are some tips from one landlord on renting out apartm...

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International Boat Show relocated to abandoned Marine Stadium

After the damaging effects of Hurricane Andrew, the iconic Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key has recently been approved to get a multi-million dollar makeover. The graffiti cover structure, originally built in 1963 has been closed for over 20 year...

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PWB Atlanta Elevate Hosting Braves Game Meet-Up

The Elevate committee of the Professional Women in Building Council is hosting its summer meet-up at The Battery at SunTrust Park on Thursday, August 3. Join fellow homebuilding professionals for an evening of networking, drinks and cheering on the B...

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