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Selling property with tenant in place can save landlords thousands

Buying and selling rental property with the tenant in situ is becoming increasingly popular in the buy-to-let sector, but some landlords are still losing money through turfing out tenants unnecessarily. Landlords looking to sell their properties when...

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Number Of Price Reductions Is Rising

Naturally, potential home buyers become more concerned about affordability conditions as prices and mortgage rates rise. And since the past few years have seen both things happen, there’s been increasing concern about whether or not now is a good t...

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Inflated house prices in London commuter belt could bear Brexit brunt

The gap between the price of a house compared to a flat in some parts of the country has skyrocketed in recent years, and new speculation suggests these locations may be the hardest hit in a no-deal Brexit. In the UK, the average difference between t...

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Where can you get the most affordable, spacious property rentals?

As London rentals are the most expensive in the country, northern cities offer much more bang for your buck for property size, build, amenities, and cost of living. The comparison website GoCompare recently released a 3D 360-degree tool that reveals ...

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Letting agents urged to update processes ahead of tenant fees ban

When the Tenant Fees Bill comes into play, potentially from April next year, letting agents might need to be prepared to take business-changing measures to stay afloat. Earlier this month, the Tenant Fees Bill which is expected to see tenancy fees ba...

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Inventory And Home Sales Flat In August

Sales of previously owned homes were unchanged from the month before in August, according to new data from the National Association of Realtors. The number of available homes for sale was also flat, with unsold inventory at a 4.3-month supply at the ...

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Top 7 stories this week in housing and property investment: 21 September

Welcome to our weekly update giving you the key stories, breaking news and topical analysis from the past week up to today, 21 September 2018. This week, we delve deeper into Bank of England governor Mark Carney’s comments on how Brexit might affec...

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North-west leading the way in UK property price rises

The north-west of England leads the way in house price rises in the UK, despite the national growth rate being at a five-year low according to latest figures. The latest UK House Price Index shows that the region’s property prices rose by 5.6% in t...

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10 Things Every Grown-Up Home Needs

In the life of every person comes a certain point when it’s time to move from your parent’s house, and it can be very intimidating to live on your own. Renting leaves you in some uncomfortable vacuum like you’ll be a student forever, so everyon...

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Restarting motor city

After bankruptcy and bailout, fortunes in Detroit-Warren-Livonia, Michigan MSA are turning over again. Five years ago, as the four-year, $80 billion bailout of its idling Big Three economic engine was ending, Detroit, the principal city in the Detr...

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Lender loyalty or apathy? Two million borrowers overpaying on mortgages

Borrowers that fail to secure a new mortgage deal when their fixed term lapses are effectively being penalised for their loyalty… Failing to switch mortgage deals when their fixed-rate term comes to an end can cost homeowners an additional £2,600 ...

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Mortgage Rate Rise May Be Spurring Buyer Activity

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Applications Survey, average mortgage rates were up last week, with rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with conforming loan balances at their highest level in more than seven years. But, de...

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Second homes generating more income than ever for owners

Homeowners across the world who own a second property are now significantly more likely to rent it out for income than they were a decade ago. More than two-thirds of second homeowners globally rent out their additional property either as a source of...

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Sustainable building could help solve UK housing shortage

As the country strives to build more homes to meet the growing demands of the property market, could affordable, carbon-neutral building be the answer? The first UK-built sustainable structure manufactured from British cross-laminated timber (CLT) ...

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Buy-to-let mortgage rates start their upward trend after base rate rise

While landlords have felt the squeeze over the past year or so, mortgage rates have remained fairly competitive enabling them to access and secure low rate deals. Despite low interest rates working in landlords’ and buy-to-let investors’ favour i...

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Lumber Prices And Demand Keep Builders Confident

The new home market is an important indicator for anyone interested in making a move in the near future. Mostly, this is because the number of new homes being built and put on the market has an affect on home prices across the board. And so, keeping ...

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Flipping property: where are the UK’s current hotspots for speculators?

Buying at a low price and selling high is a staple investment strategy, but while London once led the way for property speculation, it’s now being significantly surpassed by the north. New statistics have emerged showing that the trends of property...

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What the new £1billion housing delivery fund could do for UK property

The UK government has teamed up with Barclays in a further bid to get housebuilding in the UK moving with a dedicated fund for smaller developers. Government agency Homes England has agreed a new £1bn Housing Delivery Fund after forming a partnershi...

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It’s a tiny world: how lens photography works

Have you seen all those cool photos on Instagram that seem to be taken through a crystal ball? Did you wonder what sort of wizardry is this? Well, we have some good news for you— this is a trend that is inexpensive and simple to try out. Yes, even ...

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Sellers coming back to market after quiet summer holiday period

There’s been a surge in new property listings so far this month, and it seems that sellers are being more realistic about their asking prices. In the first week of September, Rightmove saw a huge 16% increase in the number of new properties being l...

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Landlords making more from rent renewals than new contracts

Rents in the UK crept up slightly in the year to August, but it seems the biggest hikes are being seen when tenants are renewing their existing tenancies. Estate agency giant Countrywide has released new figures showing that landlords are raising the...

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Young Americans Choose The City Over Suburbs

When choosing where you’d like to live, there are a number of factors that you have to weigh. For example, some people may value privacy over convenience while others may prefer proximity to family and friends over entertainment and recreation opti...

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Most Brits would prefer to put their stamp on a property

Househunters across the country are looking for something they can make their mark on, but that doesn’t necessarily rule out new-build houses… New research has revealed that a huge 81% of UK buyers would like to purchase a property in need of imp...

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Survey shows UK millennials prefer city centre living

Living close to work or university is a key priority for renters, especially among young professionals, showing the continued demand for rental properties in city centre locations. GoCompare, a comparison website, has recently gathered data on tenant...

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Surprise base rate boost for summer UK mortgage market

After an unusually busy couple of months for lenders, with a particular rise seen in small deposit mortgage uptake, many are predicting a surge in remortgages this autumn. The mortgage market enjoyed a buoyant summer of activity according to latest r...

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Property tax advice should be left to experts to avoid mis-selling

Anyone buying or selling a property needs to be aware of the tax implications, but proper tax advice should always come from the right sources. Speakers at a recent event in London, the Financial Services Expo, have highlighted the need for brokers, ...

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Factors to Consider When Taking Concrete Repair Service

Concrete is a fabulous option for patios, sidewalks, and driveways. But, there can also be issues surrounding it. With the passage of time, holes and cracks may develop on the surface. Not to mention the devastating effects climate change or severe w...

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Brexit and house prices: how likely is the worst case scenario?

Today’s headlines have cast a gloomy outlook of how a no-deal Brexit could hit the country’s house prices, but do we need to take the comments seriously? Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, told the Cabinet in a meeting on Thursday ...

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Housing Forecast Has Good News For Buyers

In large part, home prices are a simple calculation of supply and demand. When there are more homes than interested buyers, home prices fall. When the opposite is true, home prices rise. In recent years, demand from potential home buyers has risen an...

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Top 7 stories this week in housing and property investment: 14 September

Welcome to our weekly update giving you the key stories, breaking news and topical analysis from the past week up to today, 14 September 2018. The government is still considering lengthening tenancy agreements to three years minimum, but whether tena...

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Five-year forecast: House prices in north-west still expected to excel

The latest property market predictions from Savills have backed up earlier forecasts that the north-west of England will outperform the rest of the country over the next five years. A new report published by Savills looking at the latest property mar...

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Top 10 online agents revealed as number of new property listings grows

Online agents are continuing to grow in popularity and gain market share, and new figures have revealed which ones are dominating the listings. Purplebricks has topped the list of the UK’s online estate agents in terms of the number of properties i...

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Stronger Economy Continues To Drive Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates, to some extent, are reactionary. And so, as the economy grows stronger, rates increase. That’s been the story so far this year and, according to the latest results from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Applications Survey...

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Mortgage customers rank building societies as best lenders

There’s a huge range of mortgage providers out there for homeowners and buyers, and Which? has compiled a report looking at which ones borrowers prefer to use. A Which? survey of more than 3,500 mortgage customers has ranked a building society as t...

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US investors snapping up property bargains across UK regions

Property investors from North America are catching up with Asian investors in acquiring UK assets, and their low risk, high value strategies are leading them away from London. Investors from overseas are still attracted to the UK’s strong property ...

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UK construction sector hits summer high as record output boosts economy

The latest figures released by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed strong performance in the UK’s construction sector, with output up by 3.3%. Housebuilding seems to have thrived throughout the summer heatwave with the growth of ...

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Few Buyers Research Their Prospective Neighborhood

Choosing a house to buy is an important decision. After all, you’re committing a lot of money and several years of your life to a particular property. And so, home buyers tend to know what they want, whether it be a large kitchen, an appealing outd...

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High street estate agent fees branded ‘daylight robbery’ by homeowners

As the housing industry continues to evolve, estate agents are increasingly coming under fire for charging too much and not keeping up with the times. The high levels of commission charged by traditional high street estate agents has been ranked as t...

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Leasehold houses still causing problems for thousands of buyers

While leasehold flats are par for the course in the UK and rarely throw up issues, leasehold houses are a much more contentious issue and they’re continuing to cause headaches… As many as 94% of people who bought a leasehold house now regret doin...

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Help to Buy ‘should continue’ past 2021 say housebuilders

The government’s Help to Buy scheme could be set to end after 2021, but is has been hailed an “unmitigated success” by builders and has helped many first-timers onto the property ladder. According to a new report produced by the Home Builders F...

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Is Debt Holding Millennial Buyers Back?

These days, just about everyone has some debt. It’s almost more remarkable not to carry a balance of one type or another. In fact, a report last year found that 73 percent of consumers died with unpaid debts and, among them, the average owed was $6...

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Three weeks until new HMO rules come into play: are landlords ready?

From 1 October, licensing requirements for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are being extended, meaning tens of thousands more landlords now need to get a licence or face hefty fines. Landlords have less than three weeks to make sure they’re co...

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Online register launched in Liverpool to improve homebuying process

Liverpool is one of the first cities in England and Wales to migrate to the Local Land Charges online register, which is expected to make homebuying easier for buyers, sellers, conveyancers, estate agents, and local authorities. The Local Land Charge...

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Most common reasons for landlords docking tenant deposits revealed…

While most tenants get their full deposits back at the end of their tenancies without a hitch, sometimes landlords are forced to make deductions when they regain the keys. The Deposit Protection Service (DPS), which is one of the three government-app...

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Americans’ Financial Security Boosts Housing Sentiment

It’s said that there are two sides to every story. But there are also two sides to the calculations potential home buyers undergo when deciding whether or not it’s a good time for them to look for a new house. After all, buyers have to take into ...

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How to make £800 a month: property wealth among pensioners soars

The UK’s over-65s have now amassed a huge £1trn of housing wealth after benefiting from years of capital appreciation, and many will be helping out younger generations. Retired homeowners aged 65 and over made average gains of £9,741 in the past ...

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London landlords hit hardest by profit dips and tax changes

The buy-to-let sector is very divided at the moment between those choosing to stick with and even grow their portfolios, and others thinking of selling up. Landlords across the country who were surveyed by Octopus Choice have revealed the divided sta...

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7 Inspiring Tips for Small Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is the beating heart of every home! What makes the difference between a homely feeling and a cold, sterile one is the design of the space. But what about miniature food-prep areas? Here are 7 inspiring tips to make your small kitchen look...

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Tenant eviction: do renters really want longer tenancy agreements?

There’s conflicting evidence surrounding the UK’s renting preferences, but flexibility is one of the key things tenants enjoy from their rental homes. The government is continuing to look into the introduction of longer tenancies for private rent...

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Where Buyers Are Stretching Their Budgets Most

When calculating how much house you can comfortably afford, there are a few commonly cited rules that can be used. Among them, the one that says your home’s price shouldn’t be more than three times your annual income is popular. Of course, there ...

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Top 7 stories this week in housing and property investment: 7 September

Welcome to our weekly update giving you the key stories, breaking news and topical analysis from the past week up to today, 7 September 2018. Despite some gloomy headlines, we’re still seeing lots of evidence that buy-to-let is more key than ever i...

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Landlords seeking better deals and longer-term financial security

Mortgage lenders who cater for the buy-to-let market are combating the recent market difficulties by offering competitive products to entice both existing and new landlords. Despite talk of a mass exodus from the market, buy-to-let continues to be a ...

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Could latest HS2 delay be good news for housing and job growth in north?

News broke this week that legislation for the second phase of the UK’s new high-speed rail line will be delayed by a year, although completion is still expected by 2033. The announcement this week from the Department for Transport (DfT) that phase ...

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Average Loan Size Drops To Low For Year

This year, home buyers hoping to find smaller, more affordable homes have had a harder time than those shopping at the high end of the market. Partly, this is because there are fewer entry-level homes available for sale than is typical. But, accordin...

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Warning to landlords: don’t overcharge tenants for damage or repairs

Landlords or agents who overcharge tenants without providing evidence of costs are to be held to account in a new provision put forward under the Tenant Fees Bill. The Tenant Fees Bill reached its third reading stage in the House of Commons this week...

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UK garden towns plan launched to provide 200,000 new homes

As part of the government’s target to build 300,000 new homes by the mid 2020s, Housing Secretary James Brokenshire has announced a new garden communities’ programme. The government is committed to promoting local developments across England and ...

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Lenders slow to pass on the base rate rise to borrowers

As the inevitable Bank of England base rate rise loomed, many mortgage holders became acutely aware of the need to secure the best deal, but some lenders didn’t up their rates as expected. Last month’s decision by the Bank of England to raise the...

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Fall Forecast Sees Improvement On The Horizon

There are many different factors that play a role in the housing market’s health. When home buyers and sellers decide that its time for them to make a move everything from their job security to the global economy has an effect. For example, economi...

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Living by water is now top aspiration for younger homebuyers

Properties in waterside locations have seen a popularity boost across the UK, driven by younger generations looking to reap the health and happiness benefits of a home by the water. As many as a quarter (26%) of UK adults aged 35 and under are active...

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New-build buyers to get greater protection from Trading Standards

In a bid to eliminate bad practice in the housing industry, particularly involving new-build purchases, the government has vowed to commit more money to protect consumers. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has announced that i...

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Eco-friendly investment could attract more millennials to your property

Today’s young people are arguably more environmentally aware than ever, so should buy-to-let investors be more eco-friendly? The latest environmental issue hitting the headlines has been the global use of plastic, which has already begun to be redu...

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Increase In Active Listings May Bring Buyers Relief

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you’ll be choosing a house from those listed for sale in your area, unless you hire a builder and architect to construct a home to your exact specifications. That means, to some extent, your choices are limi...

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Prospective tenants increase demand for rental properties

Rental demand has increased by 13% annually, yet the number of properties up for rent has fallen by 4%, opening up the market for buy-to-let investors. The Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) Propertymark recently released its Private ...

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UK properties contain as much as £107bn of wasted space…

As evidence shows that house sizes in Britain are getting smaller, it’s more important than ever that all the space in a property is fully utilised. The average property has around £3,066 worth of space taken up by clutter, according to new resear...

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Liverpool Waters is set to change the city’s waterside

Liverpool Waters is a huge, ambitious project which will see the city’s northern docklands area completely transformed in a £5bn scheme. Located on the River Mersey waterfront, the 60-hectare project will ultimately see the creation of five new, u...

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Thinking of becoming a landlord? So are 4.8 million other Brits

A surprising number of people in the UK have considered embarking on property investment in 2018, and it turns out most landlords don’t give up their day job. Despite recent concerns that the buy-to-let sector is less desirable for some investors n...

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Huge rise in new home registrations easing housing market supply

A surge in new residential properties being built was recorded across the UK in July after a slow start to the year, with strong growth in the private rental sector. New home registrations soared by 35% in July compared to July 2017, according to the...

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Quarter of landlords expect rental growth over next six months

A new report has revealed landlords’ sentiment towards the private rented sector and what the outlook might be for the months ahead. Around 24% of landlords who took part in the latest barometer, conducted by buy-to-let consultancy BDRC and Allsop,...

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Drive for more construction workers launched to meet housing target

A new scheme aimed at boosting the building sector has been launched to promote awareness of the varied career opportunities in construction for young people. The 2021 government housing target means that successful recruitment of UK workers into the...

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Housing Health A Decade After The Crash

Following the housing crash and financial crisis, there was talk that Americans may stop aspiring to homeownership and would no longer see the housing market as a sound investment and reliable creator of wealth. After all, homeowners who saw the valu...

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Top 7 stories this week in housing and property investment: 31 August

Welcome to our weekly update giving you the key stories, breaking news and topical analysis from the past week up to today, 31 August 2018. It’s been a shorter working week this week because of the bank holiday, but plenty has happened in the housi...

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First-time buyers to benefit from reduced rate 95% LTV mortgage deals

Despite the base rate increase to 0.75% less than a month ago, lenders keen on attracting first-time buyers are continuing to slice away at their rates. For borrowers with just a 5% deposit, the market is offering a range of competitive deals. With f...

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London property market crash: what are the predictions?

House prices in London have been faltering of late, and experts have now revealed their views on how a “disorderly” Brexit could further impact the capital’s property market. A quarterly poll by Reuters of around 30 analysts and housing market ...

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Mortgage Rates Fall To Lowest Level In A Month

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Applications Survey, average mortgage rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with conforming loan balances fell to their lowest level since July 20 last week. Rates for loans backed by the Fede...

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Buying property near a top school? You’ll need an extra £26,000

New research has revealed the extent to which living near the country’s best state schools pushes up local house prices  – and investors and landlords can use their proximity to attract tenants. On average, a property within the catchment area o...

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Insurers prepare for Brexit offering bespoke advice to construction industry

While the UK construction industry continues to perform well despite Brexit concerns, safeguarding for the future impact on the sector is now a priority. With the UK set to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, there are some testing factors for a construc...

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Mortgage providers relax lending standards for the credit-impaired

The number of lenders who are willing to offer mortgages to people with poor credit ratings is on the rise, opening up the market for those who would otherwise struggle to borrow for a home. Banks and building societies are relaxing their lending sta...

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When Will The Buyer’s Market Return?

Housing market conditions are always in flux. One year, there will be more homes for sale than there are interested buyers. And the next, there will be more buyers than available homes. If you’re thinking about entering the market, it’s good to k...

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A new way to invest in property: the rise of equity release

Using equity release to access the cash tied up in your home is a popular way for over-55s to fund retirement, but new evidence suggests it is increasingly being used to buy more houses. There has been a significant rise in the number of people aged ...

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These cities are leading the way for UK house price growth…

The latest house price index from Hometrack provides further evidence of the vast regional differences across the UK’s housing market. In the year to July, house prices in the UK’s cities climbed by an average of 4.2% to £252,400 according to th...

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Is a home improvement loan worth it? Goldman Sachs, HouseCanary team to help borrowers decide

Launch home addition calculator Goldman Sachs appears ready to continue growing its personal lending venture, Marcus, and it’s going to use one of the housing industry’s data leaders to do it. Goldman Sachs launched Marcus in 2016 expanding its l...

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London exodus continues as homebuyers move up north for better value

More Londoners than ever are quitting the capital in search of an affordable place to live, with migration to the north and Midlands trebling over the last decade. Property owners who snapped up homes in London a couple of decades or more ago have do...

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Unlock Your Home’s True Value with Green Improvements

Are you planning to sell your house today or in ten years? No matter the answer, you will want to keep it up-to-date with market demands. And one these new demands is the trend of green home improvements that attract new buyers and make your home sta...

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Should soaring land values be frozen to reform housing market?

The value of land has risen at more than double the rate of house prices over the last two decades, with landowners pocketing the profits, and a think tank wants things to change. A new report published by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IP...

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Furnished or unfurnished? Landlords need to cater to tenant demand

All buy-to-let landlords should know how important it is to meet the needs of their tenants, but there could be a discrepancy between what tenants want and what’s on offer. New research from comparison website GoCompare has revealed that while only...

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More Evidence That Home Price Growth May Be Slowing

Over the past few years, rising buyer demand combined with a lower-than-normal number of homes for sale has led to higher home prices in markets across the country. And, though the rate at which prices have increased may differ from one market to the...

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This southern MSA’s property values keep rising

Which city has seen an uptick in appreciation? Atlanta’s city seal includes the image of the mythological Phoenix, symbol of rising from the ashes. Anyone who is familiar with Civil War history, or has even watched Gone with the Wind, knows tha...

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House-Selling Guide: How to Make Your House Attractive

Selling a home is a huge step, involving various modifications, the search for an excellent real estate agent and finally managing to negotiate a reasonable price for your home. Aside from all that, you’ll need to make a few more steps to make your...

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Going digital – RBS’s new paperless mortgage is quicker and easier

The property industry is slowly catching up with paperless technology, and a new mortgage from RBS could be the start of a big change if other providers follow suit. Applying for a mortgage has historically been an arduous, complicated and document-h...

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Flat Home Sales A Sign Of Market Challenges

New numbers from the National Association of Realtors show sales of existing homes were virtually unchanged from the month before. Down 0.7 percent from June, sales were up in the West but a drop in the Northeast negated the gains. Lawrence Yun, NAR...

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Top 7 stories this week in housing and property investment: 24 August

Welcome to our weekly update giving you the key stories, breaking news and topical analysis from the past week up to today, 24 August 2018. An optimistic approach to property investment is still prevailing as research suggests many landlords are stic...

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Buy-to-let property investment isn’t just for older landlords…

Many people still see property investment as the reserve of the older generation, but the average age of a typical buy-to-let investor has fallen dramatically. While today’s younger people might seem more inclined to invest in emerging markets such...

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The most popular property searches for city-dwelling Britons

Many residents in Britain’s biggest cities are searching for properties in the suburbs and on the coast, although city living is still a popular choice. Zoopla recently analysed search data over the past year to see where residents of some of Brita...

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FHFA: Home prices rise at slowest pace in last four years

Home prices up 6.5% from Q2 2017. Home prices slightly increased in the second quarter of 2018, rising only 1.1% but still up 6.5% from the same quarter last year. Home prices increased in June, rising only 0.2% from May, according to the latest mont...

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Steady Mortgage Rates Lead To Increased Demand

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Applications Survey, average mortgage rates were mostly flat last week, with little movement seen across all loan categories including 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with both conforming and jumb...

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Soaring tenant demand pins Midlands as buy-to-let hotspot

As conditions for landlords get tougher in places like London, more are looking to the Midlands to expand their portfolios. Buy-to-let landlords across the UK are reassessing how best to make a profit with the onset of Section 24 regulations affectin...

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New mortgage eligibility service points borrowers in right direction

Mortgage eligibility can be difficult to gauge for borrowers who have faced stricter affordability and stress tests over the past few years. Unless utilising the services of a broker, most borrowers are in the dark about what mortgage providers will ...

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6 Reasons You Might Blow Your Construction Budget

Sure, even the projects with ten specialists working on plans and budgeting can blow their construction budget. However, that doesn’t give you the green light to completely wing your project costs and be content with your huge expenses! There are a...

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New HMO licensing rules loom – but could landlords contest the costs?

From October, new legislation will come in for landlords with houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), but a recent High Court ruling could see councils challenged over their licensing fees. A landlord in London has succeeded in challenging the London B...

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Builders Remain Confident In New Home Market

The National Association of Home Builders’ Housing Market Index measures how optimistic builders are about the new home market. Scored on a scale where any number above 50 indicates more builders view conditions as good than poor, the survey has be...

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