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Number of renters planning to buy unchanged in 24 months

The number of tenants in England’s Private Rented Sector intending to buy their own home hasn’t changed in two years, a new report revealed. The latest English Housing Survey was published by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DC...

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Truepad – Showcasing the “Best Valued Homes”

I spent some time looking at TruePad, a real estate portal only available in Chicago (Inman coverage here). “Find the best valued homes”. I like it. Unlike the majority of approaches I see (aka search for home in city X), that actually seems li...

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What Does the Truth in Lending Act Do For You?

The Truth in Lending Act protects mortgage borrowers. It ensures these borrowers receive fair treatment. It oversees the disclosures, advertisements, and notifications consumers receive. In short, it regulates how lenders run their business. It also ...

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Redfin’s IPO & Brokerages

Rob Hahn has some follow up thoughts on Redfin’s coming IPO as it relates to brokerages that I’d highly recommend reading (if you care about such things as the future of brokerages). A few of my own thoughts… 1. In Seattle, I’ve heard two p...

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From ‘Sold’ to ‘For Sale’ and Back Again: The 4 Phases of Homeownership

You may live in your home for two years, or you may hunker down for two decades. But no matter how long you call it yours, you’ll likely experience these four key stages of homeownership – from the day you get your keys to the day you hand th...

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House of the Week: 12-Foot-Wide Slice of the Big Easy

The home at 3049 N Rampart Street in New Orleans might only be 12.8 feet wide, but its history is rich and long. Shotgun houses – so-named because a bullet fired through the front door would go right out the back door without hitting a wall ...

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“Questions about Real Estate” Reveals Members’ Research Needs from 80 Years Ago

Have you ever wondered what the most common reasons are for selling a home?  Or how smart home devices impact resale value? The librarians at NAR can help you find the answers through our research request service, a member benefit since the earliest...

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The Huge Risk Home Buyers Take When They Waive Inspections

If you’re buying a home in a competitive market and your offers keep getting beat out, you may be tempted to resort to desperate measures. In addition to offering more than the asking price or a quick closing, some buyers agree to waive inspect...

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A Newcomer’s Guide to Coffee in Seattle

It wasn’t long after I stepped off the plane, unpacked my bags and settled into what would become my new home for the summer that I confidently declared, “I need a cup of coffee.” Fortunately for me, I was settling into what some had referenced...

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What We’re Reading: June 26-30

Building materials, punctuation, architecture, technology, hiring, pollution, and Julia Child. You might avoid polystyrene packaging, but it is proving to have benefits as a construction material. Is the Oxford comma necessary? Only if you value clar...

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Biking to Home Inspections

Now that we have a Nest outpost in Crozet (NestWest, we like to call it), I’m hoping to be able to ride my bicycle to more home inspections. Every mile counts. (even China gets it)   A great day when I’m able to ride to a home inspection. #c...

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Designer Lookbook: Kerrie Kelly’s Subtle, Sophisticated Drama

At Kerrie Kelly Design Labs, our clients are anything but traditional. Though transitional style prevails in our Northern California neighborhood, we’re seeing more and more people gravitate toward a simple color palette, lots of great texture,...

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One in Three Recent Homebuyers Made an Offer Sight-Unseen—Up from Nearly One in Five a Year Ago

In May 2017, Redfin commissioned a survey of 3,350 U.S. residents in 11 metropolitan areas who in the past year bought or sold a home, attempted to do so or plan to do so soon. The purpose of the survey was to better understand the perspectives and e...

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Local Lenders, Filter Bubble, Realtor Value Proposition |

Archives of my subscription-only monthly notes. The blog is more searchable. Interested in not waiting a few months to read it? Learn more here.   For these posts, I don’t do much formatting/changing as I’m more concerned about simply having...

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Hepburn, History and Hollywood Combine in Audrey’s Former Home

Celebrities often buy homes from their fellow A-listers. But even among homes with a rich celeb history, the Eva Gabor Estate is a standout. Built in 1938, the home boasts former residents including Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, and Audrey Hepburn. Pau...

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7 Off-the-Grid Homes That Will Make You Want to Unplug

The chaos of modern life – with the constant stream of emails, multitude of devices and keeping pace with modern technology – can be exhausting. If you’ve ever thought about throwing away all your electronics, living sustainably or ...

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Your Lease Is Up? Here Are 3 Good Reasons to Renew

If you’re approaching the end of your lease, it’s easy to think of reasons to move – new neighborhood, change of scenery, different amenities. But there are many compelling reasons why staying put might be a better choice. Take thes...

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What We’re Reading: June 5-9

Technology, judgment, design, autonomy, solar power, seasonal drinks, ebay, newbies, and rules. Apple introduced its own voice-controlled personal assistant this week. How do you think it stacks up to the existing market? Replacing a cracked iPhone s...

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Homes with Blue Bathrooms Sell for More?

[Geithner Bathroom, Westchester MLS] Remember former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s blue bathroom that didn’t help him get his price back in 2009? Today I received a press release from Zillow that shared the results of their research w...

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Pocket Listings: Appreciating Los Angeles Sales We Didn’t Know About

We took a look at the pocket listing phenomenon in Los Angeles. I’ve been authoring an LA housing market report for Douglas Elliman as part of their expanding Elliman Report series I’ve been authoring for 23 years. The report covers their...

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Agricultural Land versus Manhattan Parking Per Acre

Well here’s a first for me. Our Manhattan parking stats were compared with the average value per acre of agricultural land in FarmLife magazine. In 25 years, the cost of an acre of agriculture farmland rose 309% while a Manhattan parking space ...

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Unbelievably, The Appraisal Institute Intimidates A Chapter

On December 20, 2016 AI President Scott Robinson and AI’s legal counsel called a chapter executive director’s superiors about two posts placed on my REIC website ( – under the guise of being brand damag...

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Top Designer for new Miami Underline

This past February at a real estate conference at the University of Miami, Philip Aarons an advocate for The High Line, a New York park that was built upon an abandoned railway, spoke of the success of The High Line. Recently, Miami-Dade County hired...

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Ultimate Guide to Art Basel

Art Basel, one of the busiest times of the year and is also ranked as one of the top Art festivals in the country. Bringing in thousands of visitors every year from across the country and the world to the Miami area, Art Basel showcases some of the...

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All Aboard Florida Miami Central Under Construction

The cranes have arrived to start the construction for the new Miami station, “Miami Central” for the All Aboard Florida rail line to Orlando. Miami Central station is expected to be complete in late 2016 and work has also recently begun on the Fo...

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Skyrise Miami

This past August, the voters showed their support for the new 1,000 foot tall observation tower that will be located by the Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami. The Skyrise Miami Tower is expected to bring a exponential amount of both revenue and i...

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Florida Market Reports

Our team is always looking into the trends of the market and creating reports for our clients. We are also involved with a company that looks thoroughly into the market trends as well. Douglas Elliman publishes a quarterly market report for all of ...

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